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As your postnatal doula I’m there to make sure you feel empowered and confident in the early days after having your baby.

I’ll help you find your feet and to offer an extra pair of hands and a listening ear, celebrating the good days with you and there to support you on the more challenging ones. I can also offer yoga-related appropriate and effective breath, body and mind practices to help you feel calm, energised and strong.

I’m a mentored postnatal doula, which means I provide a doula service at a lower rate while I gain experience as a postnatal doula. I work closely with an experienced doula, my mentor, who provides support and supervision while I support clients.

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Through my weekly pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes, mothers’ workshops and  sharing circles I have facilitated group experiences for hundreds of new mothers, offering space for them to process and share the life-transforming experiences of becoming a mother. I’ve worked with mothers with extremely varied experiences and I have no set idea of what a mother “should” do or feel. I am happy to support you whatever your parenting choices are, and whether you need short-term or more extensive support.

I’ve lived in south-east London since I was pregnant and worked in pre/postnatal services in the area since my daughter was a baby, so I have good knowledge of the local area and relevant services and support offered. I am a volunteer at my local breastfeeding café and believe that women should be supported to make the right feeding choice for them.

I can help with a range of tasks, including (but not limited to):

  • Support with breastfeeding or bottle feeding

  • Talking through any questions or worries

  • Debriefing your birth

  • Caring for your baby so you can get vital rest

  • Gentle postnatal yoga including restorative sessions, breathwork or movement to ease aches and pains

  • Research or signposting to any relevant information or organisations

  • Cooking nourishing food for you and your family

  • Light housework

  • Playing with siblings

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