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Postnatal RESTORE - Punk Me Up Cafe

  • Punk Me Up 34 East Dulwich Road SE22 9AX United Kingdom (map)

Book individual sessions on Hoop (£12 per class) where available.

Class passes must be used by last class for summer on 16 July.

Postnatal yoga, meditation and relaxation for new mums. Mats provided - please bring something soft for your baby to lie on.

  • start to strengthen from the inside out and realign your body with postnatal breathing and yoga

  • relieve aches and pains from holding, feeding and stress

  • share experiences with other mums

  • feel more energised

  • get some headspace with guided meditation

Who is the course suitable for?

The classes are based on Birthlight Yoga practices which build strength slowly but progressively for new mothers. For most women, the class will be suitable after the initial rest and recovery period (i.e. 6-8 weeks after birth, providing you feel ready). Postnatal yoga can be viewed as part of your mind/body recovery process and can help to heal/improve diastasis recti, pelvic pain (including SPD), a weak pelvic floor and back pain.

Why should new mothers come?

Prenatal support is often fantastic for women, but drops off after the first weeks when your baby is born. It's a highly intense experience - often challenging, joyful and exhausting experience all at once.

This class will help you physically and mentally adjust to a new identity, giving you the tools you need to look after yourself so you are better able to care for your baby. It’s also a supportive experience as we sit and move with other mothers going through similar experiences.

How are babies integrated into class? 

In postnatal yoga classes the aim is to get as much time for your own practice as possible. Of course in reality your baby will not always be contentedly lying on a mat while you do your own thing! 

So there will be lots of options given for all different kinds of practices that integrate your baby to a greater or lesser extent. We'll change things up if your baby becomes unsettled, or I am available to hold and jiggle your baby if you're happy with this (my favourite part). And of course there's total flexibility for feeding, changing, cuddling and love-bombing. 

Can I come if my baby is crawling?

It’s fine to keep coming once your baby starts to move, but when they get to a very mobile stage then it can be time to move on. Once you start having to retrieve them more than you’re getting to practice yoga, it’s a sign to say bye for now! Check my classes page for evening classes and workshops that might suit you at this stage.

Any further questions?

Contact me.