A new venue and a yoga course for mothers

I'm excited to let you know that Stretched Mums Yoga will be moving to a lovely new venue - Crystal Palace Osteopaths on Westow Street. We have loved our home at the wonderful Dreamcatcher Cafe, but this new venue is a yoga space with mats and blocks and blankets - no more lugging equipment around for this stretched mum!

I've also created a 6 week yoga course for mothers starting at the new venue, which is 6 classes you can take over 8 weeks run on a term-by-term basis. I know it's hard to make it to class every week when you have children - even I find it hard to make it to class and I'm the teacher :-|, so this structure aims to give you the flexibility you need whilst also getting the most out of yoga by cultivating a regular practice. You can also drop into classes week-by-week, subject to availability.


The course starts on Monday 16 April, and the venue is small but perfectly formed - so get in early to reserve your space! We'll practice flowing, rejuvenating yoga, find stillness and calm through our breath, and create time for rest and relaxation. Whether you're a new mum or have been parenting for years, yoga can help us become stronger and feel more active and energised, more balanced, patient and calm, and ward off those aches and pains that come with stress and exhaustion. After having a baby, reclaiming your body can feel very important. Coming together with other mums to create space for yourself is vital to your wellbeing and that of your children - so don't wait; prioritise yourself today. 

The more I practice the more I'm convinced that yoga, or things like it, is desperately required for mothers (yes, and office workers and teenagers and a whole host of other people too!) I love sharing the gift of yoga with other mothers in my community, and the more I teach the more I realise the magic is not in any teacher, but in the yoga - it's just a teacher's role to show this to students in the way that someone did for them. I can't wait to start on this new yoga teaching adventure. If you have any questions, just contact me - I hope to see you soon!