Lose yourself to dance

Watching Radiohead's mesmerising set at Glastonbury reminded me to watch Thom Yorke dance hero in the lotus flower video again (I think I could watch it every day forever).

This kind of unselfconscious dance seems related to yoga - primal movements that allow connection to deep parts of you and leave you feeling more alive than ever. Good body and soul medicine. If we did this every day how different we'd feel! And how different the world would be if we were constantly in this state of connection, shedding all sense of propriety! 

Parenting is so full on and often involves self-sacrifice and a sense of loss of the self. I think that's why mothers go so fucking wild when they go out dancing. The freedom of it.

As I get older I am increasingly unselfconscious, though I'm not yet at the stage where I could take my Thom Yorke dancing public. But still, this unselfconsciousness is something to be nurtured. The other day I had to run down the road bra-less and with dodgy leggings on, aware of my wobbly bits and bad hair day and on and on. Then I decided not to give a shit about it. I ran and enjoyed the sense of running. May as well enjoy what's there to enjoy. May as well feel alive.